Monday, January 2, 2017

You Must Have A List!

Most of the online experts will tell you that to make money online you need to build a list.

If you don't have your own list, you have to rely on search engines, paid advertising or social media to reach people.

While there are some very good strategies using these methods, you will find that the most successful marketers are also using these strategies for list building as a way to stay in contact with people.

Having your own list is like having an endless supply of free advertising.

Most people don't build a list because of the cost involved and the time they would have to spend learning how to make it work.

You can start your list for only a few dollars and if you spend some time learning as you go, you can build this into a full time income. 

How long this takes will depend on how long it takes you to learn what you have to learn in order to make the most from your efforts.